I have being around Wincustumize for quite a few, I would say since day one and during this time, I can say that I made some hundreds of skins, icons, cursors, wallpapers, etc... and I can say for sure, nothing is more time consuming then Icon Packager themes, those are the most dedication demand files that I ever post here...

With that said, I uploaded around one week ago a brand new free theme and was hoping to see it featured, after all, this is the most exciting part of making a new theme, we expect to see our work in the front page.

Well, of course, that we always think that we did a great job and deserve to be featured, bla, bla, bla, but not always moderators and the users agree with us, so, many times what we want, just doesn't happen for one reason or another. We always learn to leave with that. =D

Errr....today I went to check, just for my curiosity, when the last Icon Packager was featured and aww!!! November 11, 2009....OVER ONE YEAR AGO!!!

I am seeing the number of IconPackager themes getting small every year, because they are a never ending job, so why not support the few ones that dedicate many late hours to make them?

I saw many great looking Icon Packagers done in the last year, done by people that worked hard to have their themes released for free.

My question is, Why Icon Packagers are not being featured anymore? Aren't they good enough to be featured? 

on Nov 29, 2010

They certainly are, and I downloaded yours first day I saw it. As for why there aren't any featured? Only the Admins/Mods would know...

Certainly with the dedication it takes to make them they deserve more notice....and "Thanks for making my 'puter a better place to be!".

Perhaps with a W.I.P. or thread like the AVMan's (Harley) "Tridicons", more attention and participation are being generated as well as enthusiasm over the Master Skin, and IP's.....


      <-------------- Just to make you smile.

on Nov 29, 2010

I hear you.  My desktop would be boring without icon themes.  Thank you for your hard work.

on Nov 29, 2010

Simple answer is it was uploaded on a Sunday before a holiday week.  It deserves to be featured and will be included in the list.


on Dec 02, 2010

Island Dog, I was talking about all the Icon Packagers posted lately and not just mine, but thank you for featuring it. 

on Dec 02, 2010

The same can be said for the featured Logons Vista. Those have been the same three forever.


Great set of icons!